Monday, August 9, 2010

Nothing To Wear? Where's The Sewing Machine?

Why is it that every Monday, we have to figure out what the heck to wear to work? Again. May I suggest making yourself something nice? That's what one of our Flickr group members, dcadriel, did. Four days of DIY skirt loveliness!

DIY skirt week.

It brought to mind my own DIY bicycle fashion.

My New Skirt

I bet a bunch of you out there make your own clothes to ride in. Show them to us!


  1. Oh yes I do love skirts and they are so easy to make. My first DIY kilt was hand sewn start to finish. It isn't a very good kilt but it is a good skirt. It looks enough like a kilt to fool anyone around here.
    Winter is usually my sewing time but I have been shut in (heat) a few times this summer so all my repairs are caught up.
    I think my next project will be some mid thigh shorts. Australian bush type. I had some made in India for the Australian market that somehow found there way to Mexico. I wore them out and kept them to use as a pattern but now I can no longer find them so I'm going to have to wing it.
    Your skirt is magnificent.

  2. Did you crochet that skirt? It's beautiful! I crochet and would love to make something like that...

  3. OF- I love your kilts! From afar, but love nevertheless : )

    Maggie- It was featured here after I was contacted out of the blue be Debbie Stoller! The link will give you links to where the pattern can be found.

  4. I also noticed that awesome skirt-panda collage on Flickr, it just jumps right out at you.

    And if you indeed made that crochet skirt yourself, I'm beyond impressed! Gorgeous!

  5. I make lots of my own clothes-mostly dresses & skirts. I've made a few pieces specifically for biking, but most of my wardrobe is bike-able, with the exception of a few pencil skirts.

  6. Charming skirt - love the colors!

  7. I did crochet that skirt. I was really happy with the results. I then lost a little more weight and it is now way too big : ( I am trying yo find a way to make it wearable again. Otherwise, we may just have to have a "Win your own bicycle fashion" contest around here : )