Monday, February 8, 2010


As anyone who has read this blog knows, I ride a Batavus. I love my Bat.

Boarded Up Beauty

At some point, someone named him the "Batcycle Gentleman" and it stuck. He is, indeed, a gentleman (most of the time) and there has not been a single day since I purchased him that I have not been happy to have done so.

Feet Up With Cello (91/365)

Despite our obvious comfort in just kicking back together, later this month, the Bat will be on loan to an out of town visitor. I would not loan my bike to just anyone, but I know that this person is one of the few that I would and that he will be in good hands.

In preparation for this event, I am finally stripping down S.A.M. and doing all of the repair work that has needed to be done since I bought him.

S.A.M The Re-Cycle

S.A.M., so named because someone carved "#107" into his paint in several places (his secret agent number I suspect), is completely rideable as is, but there was so much left to do after the initial fix we did when I first bought him. This bike was a mess! Nothing , absolutely nothing, worked on the bike. He was filthy, rickety and totally not road worthy. I bought him for the frame as it is the largest mixte frame Raleigh ever made and that was what I needed. Until I knew I would ride the bike regularly, I didn't want to put in the time for a complete tear down and reassembly. Now, I will be riding it, with kid in tow, as my primary bike and thus, work is required.

Stay tuned. I have new V.O. fenders and a wonderful new rack to install. The bottom bracket is going, the head tube is being repacked (it has loose ball bearings in it which is something I have not dealt with before), I am taking apart the derailleurs to completely de-grime them, the wheel bearings will be re-packed... a spa treatment deluxe!

S.A.M. Awaits

So, at least for a little while, my mixte will take center stage, and not just be the bike that waits in sketchy neighborhoods for me to be finished drinking Belgian beer : )


  1. What an interesting blog!!! Love bykes, beautiful pictures! I have a brompton, do you konw it? It is very comfortable and easy to take everywhere. Best wishes from ladytacones!

  2. Ooh, I wonder who the visitor is. Wish it were me :)

    Awesome bike names.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing how S.A.M turns out after the makeover. Be sure send photos of the finished product to Paul at

  4. If you remove/replace lots of pieces of S.A.M., is there a point where S.A.M. is no longer S.A.M.? If you repainted would the identity remain, or would a new name be needed? Bike identity: where does it rest?

  5. latacones- Bromptons are lovely!

    Dottie- Suspense!!!!You have an open invitation : )

    RTO- I doubt the bike will look much different. I am not going to paint it so the only visible things will be the fender and rear rack additions.

    JRA- No. If I were to paint S.A.M. it would only allow for a deeper secret identity ; )

  6. mixte lovin'. i'm all about it. ;)

  7. Amen lady! How generous of you to share your Batavus. :) Looking forward to seeing the renovation of S.A.M.; he looks like a winner.

  8. Here's a bike that lives a life of danger,
    to every car he meets he remains a stranger . . .

    I've been keeping my eye out for a large frame mixte of Japanese heritage (my Peugeot is a bit to small and too obstinately French to do much about it), but so far no luck in my area.

    Whatever color it starts out as though, it'll end up red; but chrome fork ends might be nice.