Sunday, February 28, 2010

On The Road Again

S.A.M. is back on the road. He does not look that much different, but he is!


I was going to do the work, but it ended up with Hubby the Bike Man doing just about everything (we have a different work style involved primarily with me liking to have a cup of tea at 10:30 PM and James liking to go work in the garage until midnight).

S.A.M. has a new bottom bracket (sealed), new pedals (MKS), new chain rings (Hubby knew I needed different gearing although I was oblivious), new wheel bearings and a repacked head tube.


All of the recycled parts required overnight soaking in orange oil prior to being scraped clean. That is some serious, long standing, baked on grime. It was worth it, though. James was able to salvage the derailleurs.

The paint is still shot. The paint that is left is strong and a really pretty soft metallic blue, but so much has been scraped off. I was worried the new V.O. fenders and the Axiom rack would really make the paint look baaaaad.

Scrapes & Sparkles

I was pleasantly surprised to find the new shiny bits do not make the paint look worse. S.A.M. has an air of shabby chic now that was not there before. The addition of the Peterboro baskets to the back end are perfect.

Shabby Chic

Today, I got to take him for a nice, quiet ride to the Farmer's Market. It has become obvious that the freewheel needs to be replaced, but other than that, everything rides so much better! Nothing grinds anymore. Everything is quiet and smooth. The fact that it is well tuned and 25 lbs lighter than the Bat, 65 lbs lighter if you factor in the weight of Declan, means that I don't end up as tired at the end of the ride. It makes me happy.

Quiet, Solo Ride Panda

It is not easy to put an old bike back together. There is a lot of trial and error involved. I am lucky to have a husband who enjoys building bicycles (I hate to think how much it would have cost to have a professional do it). If you have the interest in this kind of thing, you should do it. Having a bicycle with history and character is wonderful. Being able to make it exactly what you want it to be makes riding so much better.

Go fix a bike! You will like it!


  1. Looks great, Adrienne!

    I love wrenching on bikes, but never seem to "find the time" to do it much anymore. I love that you've given new life to a well-worn ride.

    Gettin' Around

  2. I love it! Congratulations to you and SAM. Great seeing you both the other night too.

  3. Congrats on getting an old bike back on the road where it belongs!

  4. I used to build up these "moto bacons" at a shop in San Rafael called " wheels unlimited" . Sam deserves paint or at least some paint pen love. I very nice riding bike, well done.

  5. And the other really wonderful thing about riding an old bike (esp one that makes old look this good) is that it makes biking look that much more accessible. My one regret about the Oma is that the price tends to dampen other prospective riders' eagerness.

    Makes me almost wish I'd been able to find a big enough framed step-through for my height.

    But SAM looks great.

  6. "find on Craigslist" I meant to say.

  7. yah, i agree with emma j. i'm glad ade is riding around on SAM. my bici #2 is the same deal. (sorta, SAM is MUCHMUCH nicer....) chipped yellow paint, amongst other less desirable things on the bici, makes it seem more like if you have the desire to ride, you will ride. accessibility is KEY.

  8. I love the battle scars SAM has. If I were to paint it, some of the history of the bike would be lost. I am very drawn to the idea that this bike has taken a lot of people to a lot of places over a long period of time and is still in use. It is a way of telling people that, yes!, a bicycle is a form of transportation and that it is not a new idea.

  9. "Having a bicycle with history and character is wonderful."

    Most of my bikes have a history and most have character. To me a vintage bike is a the only way to go. They have a soul and spirit of their own.

    S.A.M. looks fantastic. Wipe the frame down with an oily rag occasionally, the paint will shine and the rust will be kept in check. I do this with my old Raleighs on a regular basis.


  10. Ade y secret agent – so happpy togetherrrrrrrrr :DD

    im sure you seen it, or maybe not...that SAM gets around he heee: link

  11. SAM looks fantastic! Shabby chic is a perfect description - he's really rocking that look. I love the Peterboro baskets in the back, especially.

  12. Wow, the Peterborough baskets as rear panniers is a great idea!