Thursday, February 11, 2010

Effortless? Humph!

Have you had that day where being on your bike was just wrong? Nothing around you is that different, but it is all wrong nonetheless. I had that today. Even going downhill required effort. My hamstrings were screaming less than a quarter of the way to picking up Declan. He whined and complained all the way home about every little thing he could think of. He wiggled so much in the seat I couldn't keep the bike straight (which wore me out even faster than usual). By the end of the ride I felt like crying every time I had to stop and put my foot down- even keeping the bike up at a stop had become too much.

It happens. Riding a bike does not magically cure all the ills of the world. You can still have a crappy day on a bike. It just isn't quite as crappy as it could be. You still get to see things and smile at people and see the sky.

24th Street

Big Sky, Old Wood

Colours still stand out, and you can stop to admire them. You can see how other people do what you do.



Even with that, some days just blow. Nothing you can do but take a picture of it.


  1. I had been wondering about that - what to do if your child is squirming and disbalancing the bike. Seems like you're handling it pretty well actually; I have a terrible sense of balance.

    As for bad days on the bike: that has been happening to me more often than I would like during the winter. On many days, it is just too cold and too windy for me to enjoy myself, but cycling is none the less my preferred transportation option.

  2. I have found that carrying the monster on the back of the bike has done wonders for my balance (not to mention being a kickin' core workout!) It does add an element of fatigue I don't experience when riding solo. today I was tired before I got to him and should have just turned around and got the car or put the bike on the bus rack. I was so tired I was passed by pedestrians on a hill!

    As to bad days... I think I was attracting that : ) I feel for all of you stuck in the Snowpocalypse. Then again, I always liked being snowed in when I was a kid.

  3. we all love that little monster <333

  4. you are such a trooper with super d on the back. i too have wondered what it's like to have something heavy and wiggly on the bike on those days where you just don't feel "on." or get caught in wind tunnels and the like.

    yay for supermum ade!

  5. love this post.

    The last time I rode the sorte I had this day- such effort. I like hearing the war stories as much as the easy times.

  6. The worst day riding a bike is still better than the best day driving a car, especially in traffic. Val

  7. The memory of biking my son on an attached Tag-along to school still makes my arms shake. Exhausting!

    I'd keep up a constant, "C'mon rocket-boosters! You gotta give me an umph here to get up the hill," until we came into traffic and then I just wanted him to sit still and not rock the bike!

    (Still worth it but not easy)

  8. Thanks for this post! I'm a beginner with the goal to go car-less, and I had my 3rd substantial ride today on my roadster + Brooks B17. And, well, it was tough. And this post make me feel a little less alone, and a lot more encouraged. Ride on!