Saturday, February 13, 2010

Continued Challenges

This post does not have pictures. You will soon realize why.

This evening, the Calitexican and I headed out for what should be the traditional Friday night tacos and beer (my fish tacos were wonderful). Having just purchased some new books while waiting for her arrival (Son Of A Witch, Everything Is Illuminated & the Collected Works Of Willa Cather) I was anticipating a great evening.

After wonderful conversation (Cali's good friend S., who was with us, has just as much fascination as I do with the subject of work related disease) and great food and a few Negra Modelos we were ready to hit my favorite night spot for some jazz and whiskey (The Rite Spot). There was an open staple to lock up to and the sound coming out of the club promised good music and a mellow crowd. I was anticipating a Laphroig (neat, water back) to enjoy with the stand up bass playing... when my hand and lock both met with a nice, wet, pile of recently rained on dog shit. There is nothing quite like walking into a jazz club, covered in crap, certainly not something I have ever experienced before. I will say though, it did get me priority into the single stall bathroom, despite the line.

People. Please. Don't tie your dogs up to the bike parking. It is really just not a good thing.


  1. oh man. if meli was there she would has said FUUUUCHI. but. the S was and he was a perfect gentleman and got napkins and whatnot.

    then our friend mary bulleit (and water) helped us all out to end out the nice evening. besos. :)

  2. shit happens.

    like late nite friday work instead of drinkin my negras with my chicas. gaaah

    ok so, it's on – taco traditional friday o qué?!

  3. lol at Meli.

    I have stepped in dog poop when locking my bike, too. While wearing my one, beloved pair of Prada heels! I am a cat person.

  4. i agree!! ahhh! not the pradahhhhs!

    i'm glad you were so quick to share ade! the S and i were talking about it the following day, and man, what a story.

    dog shit...always a winning way to cut through line and make friends with WWII hipsters.

  5. That's what this whole bicycle advocacy movement is all about, sharing. I am a giver.

  6. But still, you didn't let it spoil your evening. That's the defintion of a trooper, in my book. Ian~Melbourne