Friday, February 26, 2010

I Read Your Blog!

This last year has brought a number of new people into my life. I am amazed at how interesting and involved all of them are. Every one of them has something intelligent to say. Every one of them is talented and accomplished. When I spend time with them I am reminded, pleasantly, that I need to step up my game so I can keep up. Each of them challenges me in a different way and I walk away from our time together full of ideas and inspiration.

While all of the women in this picture have many talents and interests, what they bring to the big picture of American cycling as an everyday activity of normal life is immeasurable. Each of them has found a way to shatter the myth of bicycle as sport toy and brings that knowledge to the world everyday.

Some of these new people got together to celebrate our lovely Cali's birthday. This is them-

A Whole Lotta Girl Power

From left to right-

Lisa Marie of Hambone Designs.

Calitexican- this chic can write.

Meligrosa- My first partner in bicycle blogging crime : )

Kristen- Just a day after Meli and I decided to start this little project of ours, Kristen asked me to join her over at Vélo Vogue.

Gwen- A recent addition over at VV. Gwen is also the fire behind the fashion shows for the SF Bike Expo and SFBC's Bike Away From Work parties.

Lilia- Her thoughts are provoking. Her sense of humor is silly. She looks better in pink than I do.


Ramona- another of the VV women and the brains behind the "Bike Wardrobe Remix".

Made In San Francisco

I raise my glass to you all, my fellow SF bicycle bloggers. You have all made an impact and I am honored to know you all!


  1. this is a pretty rad post you gals have become part of a very beautiful part of my life. bloggies, bikes and sassy sauce ♥ • • •
    +cheers to parties &bikes &chain grease!! :D

  2. this post makes me smile big smiles. yay.

    thanks ade! and thanks meli for the surprise party. wooooooo. wheeeee.

    i haven't celebrated my bday in two years and this year has more than made up for it. thanks mis chicas favoritas! :)

  3. That's some serious girl power at that table!!!

    We rock!

    Thanks for the post, girlfriend!

  4. Awww... what a cool group. You guys are awesome! Keep on inspiring. :)

  5. Hi, Bill from Pgh,
    This seems like an appropriate time to say something, I feel like I have been listening to public radio and now it's sort of like, pledge time, so here you go. Without any actual money.
    I read your blogs, and they inspire me endlessly, these things you do in your lives, but also taking the time to chronicle things. Wonderful fun! You inspire me to work in my town to take biking away from a sporty activity done by a few, to a practical everyday activity enjoyed by many. Thanks!

  6. edmonds59- Thank you so much for dropping by! Just know, when you ride, you inspire others! It is a really great feedback loop : )

  7. lovely post! my heart swells when I think about hanging out with you ladies, such an amazing thing that we've all come together.
    here's to more get-togethers in the future! ♥♥♥

  8. cheers bike ladies. thanks for being awesome. special thanks to adrienne for the lovely post! and another cheers to more good times!