Thursday, April 4, 2013

Arthursday: baseball y basketball

Margaux Rides Her Bicycle by Creature Comforts
Bikey representations of the A's Stomper & Giants' Lou Seal :) 
Crafty fair shops in the Pumpkin festival 2012, in Half Moon Bay
Baseball season has started!
We are fans of Bay Area baseball – and Caryl in LA, maybe too :)

SF 2012/ OAK 2013
Last year, I was fortunate to go to the first game of the Giants 2012 opening series. This year I went to the first Oakland A's 2013 opening series game.
Jeff y big papi / SF Giants 2012 Opening Night  (First 2 fotos above via my friend Jeff)

Oakland A's opening game 2013 (this week).

It has been a great last few years in Bay Area sports: the 2x World Series champs Giants, 49ers went to the Superbowl, the Oakland A's were AL West champs last year. The San Jose Sharks have also made it a few times into their conference finals. In college sports, this year Stanford women's basketball made it to the Sweet16, CAL men's basketball made it to the NCAA tournament, CAL women's basketball are in the Final Four! and now mi personal favorites, Golden State Warriors with a high possibility of making it to the playoffs(!!) EPIC.

2010 World Series winning game
Ratta y Richie
It is pretty rad that the SF Giants provide bike parking service. The rockstar parking peeps will take care of your ride while you watch the games.
June, 2009

Our very own Calitexican parks bikes in her sleep I'm sure ♥, and she is at the ballpark rather often. I'm sure she'll continue to share her bike parking adventures with us all. Or awesome bike party pictures like the one she took sometime last year:
Representing the empire @sfbikeparty. #sfbp #giants #nofilter
Representing the empire” by calitexican

All of us here in SF (Ade, CTX y yo) frequent the Giants as much as we can, and no doubt with KT.. even her cute dog is named after Posey ♥ :)
Rookie on walk
“Rookie on a walk” Foto via KT

In Oakland, the A's don't have that pimp bike valet parking across the Bay, but they do have $2 Wednesday BART days... make sure you are ready to listen to some metal, lots of drums and fans cheering like it's the World Series any game.

Cheater Crab!

- - -
One shrine fits all
Día de los Gigantes 2010
happy birthday deeeeeana
Diana's birthday 2010
Mixte Gals at Giants Game
Mixte Gals at Giants Game via KT, June 2010
giants win
2010 World Series winning game
my kinda fan
2010 World Series winning game
Oakland A's 2012 AL West champs
2012 A's AL West series
A's banjo man
SWEEPSWEEP beer crew
Ratta y Guillermo. Detroit Tigers vs A's post season series.
This hat duo were so loud, super fun. Detroit Tigers vs A's post season series.
The Giants World Series game in 2012 was super mellow fun to celebrate (the city got pretty crazy once again) at a non-alcohol bar eating and enjoying a good time at StreatFood with Ade +fam, CTX +V, and crew. All ages, all good.

There are way more pictures and sports moments I am very glad to say “We were there” and to have shared with my family, friends and fellow fanatics. Good times!
Velcro checks out this season's schedule.

Giants 2003
and if you have gotten this far, the above foto is from a decade ago at the Giants :)
For you fellow Dub fans, the WE BELIEVE 2007 Dallas series, my personal fave highlight..
OK that is all for now. GO SPORTS!

// Most fotos mine, a few borrowed from KT, my friend Jeff and this above from the internets/Big Bang Theory.


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