Tuesday, April 2, 2013

oakland was sold out!

oakland was sold out yesterday for the A's game and for bomba estereo, a band from colombia. what do they both have in common? putting a bike on it. of course.

put a bird on it! scraper bike that is!

put a bike on it en oaxaca...

bomba puts on a great show, saw them in ACL awhile back. last night tho, no bikes. we rented a zipcar since we knew these people like to party and put on a great show. i might be paying for it today, but life's short, right?

then just for fun, bomba estereo also brought on stage oakland's own, panama-bred, los rakas. i did a quick search for them on bikes. hmmph. gotta get them to work on that... ;) on a scraper bike perhaps?

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