Friday, April 5, 2013

friday fun times: sneak peek-a-boo.

tomorrow is the cinderella classic. as i recall last year, the ride fell on the worst weather day of the year. my house was shaking, rain was pounding on the roof so hard, and the sky looked greenish gray. and the wind.

so, that's sort of what i woke up to last year. some hawdcora people went out, but most of the 2500 riders did not go or, if they went, did not finish the ride.

tomorrow looks to be vastly different. in short, it looks to be a beautiful day for a bike ride!

i'll be riding the 100km on this beauty. sneakpeekaboo.

Hey there good lookin'/what you got cookin'? #sequoia

took her out for a spin in the headlands not long ago. rode realllly nice. i've had a bum knee that's kept me from training as much as i would like, but i didn't want to make things worse. if the knee acts up, so be it. i can always sag out i guess. but looks like a long flat ride. just what i need to get back in the swing of things.

where is your bike taking you this weekend?


  1. Your Sequoia is a very beautiful bike.

  2. Looks beautiful!! Hope you had an excellent ride!
    I went riding around Stanley Park (in Vancouver)

    1. it was great. bike wants to GOFAST. can't wait to ride it more.

      thanks for reading and commenting!