Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This Is San Francisco: The Outside Lands

We have a new series that we are doing in collaboration with the fine ladies over at Velo Vogue called "This Is San Francisco." check out the first of the series. this series will consist of pictures we each capture at one event, or place, during each month to show you SF through our respective camera lenses.


a few sundays ago was sunday streets in SF. it closed the great highway and that was fantastic to see!

here's how i experienced that sunday.

it started with joining a ladies only ride.

Ladies of leisure ride passing thru #sundaystreets

then we went through sunday streets, which is where i broke off from the ride.

penny farthing. april 2012.
Penny Farthing on the Great Highway #inkwell #bikes

deep and ian. music bike.
Deep & Ian at #sundaystreets #outerlands #sierra #rickshaw

declan grinded delicious coffee beans.
Declan grinding coffee at #sundaystreets #brannan

this is sunday streets: band. cargo bike bbq. ade&camera. bike.
This is #sundaystreets

james. 1968 coleman camp stove. cargo bike bbq. grey pacific ocean.
Cargo bike, Coleman camp stove #sundaystreets

here are the posts from velo vogue and wheelright.


  1. those behind-the-riders fotos are great. ispot bicycle coffee, couldnt be more apropos :))

  2. hehe, but of course is bicicawfee.

    thanks you.

  3. I think next time will be a coffee and popcorn set up!

  4. Ha ha ha,Coffee or popcorn + ice-cream