Sunday, April 1, 2012

Family Riding

In San Francisco there are three things you can find in magnitudes of hugeness- taco trucks, bicycles that are poorly locked and have unlubed chains, and dogs. They are usually in some combination.

Dino, Dog, Man

Here is a bicycle/dog combo completed by my friend Deep and his little sweetie, Baozi. It was their first bicycle outing (Deep was in severe cookie withdrawal so the dog needed to learn how to be a passenger. Now.)

Crazy San Franciscans

I am accustomed to seeing Deep like this, with rickshaw and fiancee in full swing.

What's That

Now, we will all have to get used to this view. Personally, I am waiting for the fiancee/dog/music system combo to be truly impressed.

Deep rides with many other SF dog families.

A Corner Of The Mission

Dog Taxi

Gwen & Mr Peanut

The Whole Package

This guy wins!!

3 Pair


  1. Oh, but I like the last one. Doggie, kids, and dad.

  2. Yeah - totally. The guy at the bottom is the HUGE WIN :-)


  3. .ps Yes I'm dreaming of the Bike+Music+Fiancee system but I wonder if Baozi's little ears can handle it.

  4. Brilliant! Does make everyone smile. I saw a guy 'walking' his dog alongside his bike this evening - they were going amazingly fast!!
    A kitty one next maybe? :-)

  5. Wait, does the guy at the bottom have 2 dogs and 2 kids?! Living. the. dream.

  6. i like last one rider know about the importance of safety gear during riding..