Friday, April 13, 2012

friday fun times: shower cap edition

need i say more? checkered side mirror, patterned shower cap.

Shower cap. Checkered mirror. Bachelor party planning #walden

a reader of ours, el tejano, posted some more pics of golden gate park's parking woes. here are a few. go over to his flickr to check out the rest!

How's this work now?


Monday- still not better

these pictures might illustrate a little more of what is confusing some people in my description in this post. sorry! is not the easiest to explain, which is probably why there is confusion surrounding it in the first place. i plan on going to the park at some point this weekend and see if i can get more pics of the confusion. but also more pics of empty spaces so you can see what it is supposed to look like.

have a great weekend!


  1. I liked the new pic in the title. Nice!

  2. Shower caps are the secret to winter riding success!

    In other news, I wonder when they will put some soft hit posts in the buffer zone. That would solve the issue instantly, especially if they painted the parking space lines that show the length of individual parking spaces along the outside of the buffer zone.

  3. The way it is, they've created a pretty dangerous situation for cyclists. If even one car is blocking the bike lane as in the above photos, the cyclist has no choice but to move left towards or into the car traffic lane.

  4. Maybe some sort of windshield flyer for those truly confused( ie not the a-holes who don't care) ?