Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Face of Evil

Ever wonder what bicycle thieves look like? In SF, a couple of them look like the two below.


Please call 911 if you see them. If you have any more info you can contact Police report # 120/171/670 Officer J Lopez #373 Officer J Felix #2027 Mission Station 415-558-5400 415-601-4145 cell

Thanks to MissionMission for the heads up!


  1. 911? Really? I think bike thieves are the scum of the earth, but I'm not sure that 911 is the appropriate number to call (unless the thieves are armed/dangerous).

    I keep the numbers to local police departments in my phone for situations like this.

    Thanks for spreading the word...

  2. there are additional numbers to call that are available above too. but yes, understand that you were merely advocating for using 911 for emergencies only.

  3. If my bicycle is being stollen, and especially if it is my only form of transportation, hell yeah I am calling 911! Both my daily bicycle and my cargo bicycle fall well within the parameters of <a href="http://www.joedane.com/theft/whats-the-difference-between-grand-theft-and-petty-theft-orange-county-defense/>Grand Theft in CA</a> and no one would think twice about calling 911 for someone stealing a car.

  4. Yikes. One of the main reasons I got a folding bike was to protect against theft - so easy to store inside. Of course, it still doesn't stop people breaking into your apartment, but if someone breaks in, I'm calling 911 for sure.