Tuesday, May 10, 2011

windy postscript

both ade and i rolled past this scene separately. talk about WINDY. tree was totally uprooted and fell on a prius and a saab. the prius was toast. crumbled like a rice krispie treat.

Duboce tree uprooted

in other news, someone tried to steal my bike seat yesterday while parked outside a cafe. the wind has blown away the best $0.33 seat protector i've ever had (shower cap, another ade nod). so my lovely honey brooks seat was a target. thanks to my paranoia and my boo's bike hack know-how, we made that seat hard to take. however, at first glance, it does seem like that joanie's seat is up for grabs.

how did i know that they tried? well, my pesky back light mount was WAY askew last night when i went back to my bike. looks like they thought they could just easily put an allen wrench under the seat, a couple of twists and it would be theirs. plans were foiled. mwahahahahaha.

now it's time to go to the drugstore and get more of my $0.33 seat protectors. hopefully the wind wont take them this time around.


  1. Bike thieves suck large. I've had 4 bikes stolen out of my garage, which probably says more about my naivete' and inability to learn from past mistakes than it does about anything else. I finally learned to lock my bike directly to the garage wall, which seems to have solved that problem.
    Nobody has (so far) messed with my commuter out in the world, although now that I've said that, it's probably just a matter of time.
    Big thanks to whomever/whatever controls timing of tree falling. It squashed a couple of cars, methinks a bike commuter would have been pounded to little teeny pieces.

  2. Oooh, please share your seat security hack.

  3. my paranoia extends to sharing my hack, BUT, how else would we have known about it if not for the internet?

    it involves an adhesive of your choice, ball bearings and stripping a bolt. you can get the bearings out on the street, but it would be messy and take some time to do. go have fun trying it out!

  4. Oh, what an elitist -- I'd have to have some comprehension of mechanics to figure it out ;) I'll remember to think about my seat when I'm parking my selle anatomica on campus, tho' my bike is such a Weird Thing that most people don't notice the accessories...

  5. or just look it up online. i have no mechanical know how other than ikea gadgets, thus is helpful to have the engineering boo around to figure that stuff out. or have your bike mechanic do it.

    find a nerd (absolutely no offense intended), and they shall guide the bikey way.

  6. i'm sorry to hear about your run-in with thieves! yikes! perhaps you can use spray adhesive on the next shower cap, and then sprinkle something unsavory on the shower cap? something visually scary that would be pilferers would rather avoid? maybe bright poison frog colors? :)

  7. hahaha, yah, you should see the showercap patterns i had put on before. i'll post pics of the next iteration of showercaps. i was thinking maybe hair elastics might help or some office binder clips so i can attach them to the saddle hooks. great idea! thanks!!


  8. How did you keep it intact???

  9. I rode passed that tree on my way home yesterday, but it was chainsawed down to a stump by that time. It made me wonder why they would cut down such a big tree. Mystery solved!

    Also, I'm going to need to look into your seat hackery. I only have my standard came-with-the-bike saddle but am looking to upgrade it to a Brooks soon enough.

  10. Friday someone cut my cable and stole both the wheels off my bike outside of west oakland bart, I was amazed my brooks remained. They were your standard black DP18's. They gave me a couple good years, but my new tire and awesome spoke cards really bummed me out. In December I locked my bike in the mission, order, and ate tacos and when I came back to the meter RIGHT OUT FRONT my brooks, seat post, seat post clamp, front and rear light and fender had all been stolen, they tried to take my fiance's seat as well, but his seat post is seized- wont move- its saved it a few times. THEN last night, our Bikes were double cabled (with my new cable I bought yesterday!!) and they cut both cables and tried getting our seats, when we could see them through the fricken window!!!! My seat & post were nearly stolen again. Im new to the bay and I am in complete shock that people can be soo soo terrible. gah! next $180 I get is buying 2 new york locks.

  11. and shower caps ;)

  12. @jasmine: wow, where are you parking? when i first moved to the bay (from nyc...holllllaaa), i found i also was the "victim" of a lot of little petty thefts, including the invasion of my home in berkeley to steal our computers while we were sleeping (!!) and our bikes. so i def empathize with you frustration. it's almost like they smell new bayness. maybe there's another scent that will cover it up.

    in any case, for those of you who want to know the bike hack, this site, "bike hacks," is where i think the boo got the idea from. link is here. go forth and bike hack it up people!