Thursday, May 12, 2011

happy bike to work day!!

happy bike to work day!

happy bike to work day!!

two years ago i didn't have a "work" thing to bike to, so i volunteered with the bike coalition during BTWD. and i met some chica who took a picture of me and put it on her blog.


and now here we are. :) go get energized at a station! coffee!! free valet bike parking!

also, be sure to go to DNA lounge tonight for the bike away from work party AND fashion show. our girl gwen is styling and many of our friends are in the show! pictures most likely to come in the next few days.


  1. How weird is it that it was official Bike to Work Day in Phoenix on April 20? I even have the t-shirt (and ate the free breakfast) to prove it!


  2. i am so sad that i had to ride MUNI today (cuz of the broken arm thing). BUT i was smiling the entire way to work because MUNI was empty and the bike lanes were full! Woot!!! oxoxox Klaw

  3. Bike to work day=free coffee and smile filled day.

  4. i have to admit i was not the best role model today for the newbies as i grabbed 1/2 a bagel slice, put cream cheese on it and rode one handed (on market st, wtf? coffee didn't kick in yet i think), until i was done eating the bagel. oops.

    in other news, i did not crash. nor was i going more than prob 3 MPH as there were lots of stoplights until i finished my bagel at the 2nd light.

    i saw two men leading a group of 5 kids (3 girls, 2 boys), down market street. i guess going to school. they were all in uniform.