Friday, May 13, 2011

Waste Disposal

We had a few used tires to get rid of.

When The Rubber Meets The Road

Happy to say, they are now gone. Good thing to, because old tires smell like cat pee.


  1. just out of curiosity, where'd you get rid of them? I have a few (not as many) that I'll need to get rid of soon.

  2. Sports Basement has a barrel you can drop them off in.

  3. This is something I wonder about frequently, what to do with the used tires and (especially) tubes that accumulate. It *seems* like you ought to be able to re-purpose them somehow, but except for making slingshots for youngsters trapped in the 1950s, I sure haven't come up with anything useful.


  4. Jim- in our house we use any inner tube that does not have that awful green anti- flat goop in it for all kinds of things. They make great tie downs. You can cut them into strips and use the strips as shims for things you connect to your bike (my bike has strips around the seat stays to keep the clamps for my kid's seat clamps from damaging the paint). You could use circles of them to make anti-slip strips on your pedals.... Get creative!

  5. Jim - "I sure haven't come up with anything useful."

    Ho Chi Minh sandals for children.