Sunday, May 8, 2011

We Got Us Some Wind

Tie down everything, it is wind season in San Francisco. Contrary to what you may have heard, SF does have seasons- Bone Cold Wet Season (which is really late November through the end of January but is movable), Wind Season (now), Fog Season (you would call it Summer), Indian Summer (September & October and 2 weeks in January). While we do not have force factor 5 tornadoes, we get a good month or more of continuous 30 to 50 MPH winds that don't really let up. This is the time of year when we have to look out for falling trees. There is no part of San Francisco that is immune, and there is no use complaining. Even when the wind is so bad you have to get off and push, which is where I was when I took this picture. I was riding uphill, into the wind, pulling Declan on his trail-a-bike when we were stopped in our tracks in the middle of traffic. Time for the sidewalk.

Wind Is The Enemy

Note the hat. It stayed on the whole day without adjustment (and it didn't give me hat hair!) no matter which way the crazy wind was blowing. For those who choose to wear hats instead of helmets, it can be a challenge to find one that stays on well, so this made me very happy.


  1. Hi Adrienne. I'm so glad I got to meet you at the SFBP. See you at the next.

  2. I'm a bike commuter in Phoenix, and we got us some wind for the next few days too! My son and his wife relocated to SF last summer, and I don't think they know about the "wind season". He is also a bike commuter and was very happy to see Bone Cold Wet season come to a close. I'll have to ask him how he's enjoying Wind Season. :-)


  3. It's been windy as all hell here in London, UK just recently too, but weirdest of all we've been having warm winds from Spain blowing up over the country. It's like riding a bike with a hair dryer strapped to the handlebars - yuk!

    Keep on riding Adrienne, loving the hat!


  4. Mary- encantada.

    jt- I am not sure which is more challenging. They both will make you stronger, that's for sure.

    Mark- please tell me you are not complaining about warm, Spanish winds. That would just be cruel : )

  5. Interesting - I did not know SF had a wind season. Massive hills and strong wind? Sound tough.

  6. Marc- thou art cruel!

    Dottie- oh yes. We have a wind season. It was so bad the other night that the wind caught the basket on the front of my mixte and lifted the front end of my bike off the ground while I was riding! It isn't that bad all the time, but this is the time of year that that kind of wind is frequent.

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