Tuesday, March 16, 2010

scenes from the bikey lane: (w)holy weeks worth edition

this has been compiling in my head for the past couple of weeks. i think i had been waiting for a bit cause after a while of noticing a lot females riding to work, lately have been noticing a lot of guys and i'll be the only woman riding with them.

1. a little teeny tiny rat sized dog breaking away from its owner at 7th and market and nearly breaking its teeny little chicken wing leg in the muni tracks in front of a bus....then the light turned green. (i do not know what happened to the dog...sorry. am curious myself)

2. a raccoon in golden gate park looking a little scary. good thing i was on my bike. those eyyyessss...#nobueno

3. riding through the panhandle in the morning, i've counted tons of people on bikes, but maybe 1 to 3 will be female for the morning commute in either direction. where da females at?

4. an 18-wheeler on fell street in the left hand lane, which is the lane right next to the bike lane. i was very nervous as it passed me. that is an understatement. i had visions of the wind pulling me under the tires and running over me several times.

5. two acquaintances chatting me up on market street on the way to work. oh hai...is better than just going to work alone.

6. speaking of market, last week on the way to butter lap in the evening, i saw the beginnings of re-striping the completely ridiculous bike lane at market and 10th. NOW it makes more sense. phew and yay.

7. more bikey changes going on in the calitexican's hood at mojos. very nice spot to grab a beer and a bite after work now that the light stays with us later in the day.

8. me pulling the other meli and grabbing some coffee in the linden lands while it rained in my coffee.

Happy bikes with baskets

9. rainy days...going away....but the last rainy day, an older dapper gentleman with a matching bike said at a stop light, "thank god for fenders on a day like today!" (yes, he said it with an exclamation point) and the other guy and i at the light (again, just me and two dudes...wtf?) were all smiles and saying, yes, thank goodness for fenders. no skunky stripe for me.

10. and finally, i saw this girl i went to college with walking down the street. i did a double take. she's the one that introduced me to riding around on two wheels. we had fallen out of touch, and i didn't know if i should say something, but something tells me this town is small enough that chances are highly likely i will see her again.

happy week everyone!


  1. I love esp the happy smile on the crankset.

  2. we are each other's other.
    dang ADMQFC
    watch out with the gliteratti....

  3. Cool picture! I've noticed a lack of female riders, too. Yesterday there was a huge increase in the riders on my route due to the warmer temps, but zero women.

  4. asi como dicen los aterciopelados:

    eres mi complemento/
    eres lo que no soy...

    kiiikiiikii, eh eh eh eh eh. eso eso eso...

  5. You know what I notice? The number of new riders with poorly fitting helmets. Why wear one if you are not going to fit it properly or even fasten the strap?