Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ben & His Bike Shop

After leaving the house with S.A.M. for the first ride after being put back together, I discovered my front brakes were... useless. It wasn't so bad, but I had to be extra vigilant until I got it fixed (I couldn't figure out the immediate problem which is the one drawback to being married to Hubby the Bike Man- I let him take care of it : ).

I thought I was going to stop at Box Dog Bikes as they are the ones that always have the kind of parts my old re-cycles need, but that was not really on my way. That was when I remembered that Ben, the guy who has become well known for opening up shop on the side of the road in the Panhandle, had opened up his own place on Treat St. That was exactly on my route, so that was where I headed.

Bike Man Ben

Ben's shop is tiny and cute. I am sure that Ben would not describe his bike nook as cute, but it is. He has bikes hanging from the ceiling like salamis.

Salami Bikes

He has room for his single bike rack, and a rug, and a boom box and his tools.

KT's Bike!

When I looked to the back of the shop, I saw a familiar bicycle on the floor- KT's Motobecane. I thought it was funny that I recognized the pieces of my friend's bike without knowing the bike was there in the first place.

Ten minutes and $5 later, my brakes were doing their appointed job and I was on my way. I love little shops like Ben's. Nothing fancy, just the tools required to do the job and a guy with a nice smile and a bike stand. I was off for the rest of my errands in the brief sunshine we got that day in no time.

Shirt Sleeves In February

Thanks, Ben!


  1. I remember finding a similar place perched atop a hill in a tiny village on the way to the Black Forest. We wouldn't have fount it but a local person pointed us the right way. One guy in his garage with a stand and a few bikes. He was a bit older than Ben though.

    Seperate and unrelated question: How long does it take to break a Brooks saddle in?

  2. 1. i was wondering where my bike crush ben went. hadn't seen him in the panhandle lately. now i know! thanks!

    2. you look FIERCE in that last pic. i LOVE it. ;)

  3. I have Brooks saddles on all three of my bikes. I'll say two weeks of daily use will get you the rough shape it will eventually be. They continue to change as long as you use them. at some point they need to be tightened up a bit (just a quarter turn of the nut). I use Obenauff leather conditioner on mine and it really makes a difference to their wear.

  4. love this post. that reminds me ben is in that little building that has a cafe, will have to check it out soon... ;-)

  5. That tiny one? 90 Sq. Ft. Cafe or something like that. I agree!

  6. which Brooks saddle model do you have ?