Monday, March 15, 2010

How Your Monday Could Look

I was coming home on Thursday last, for the first time in days, by bicycle. Between time constraints, bad weather and knees in a lot of pain (turns out my seat on SAM was too far back by an inch and I was suffering for it) I had not been for a real ride in a couple of weeks. There were several errands that I needed to run (one of them dropping off my Minolta x-700 for repair! I can't wait to shoot with it!) and so, decided to take the long way to pick up Declan.

I got to ride along the beach. The sky was beautiful, and the surfers were out.

The Good Life

The young folks threw off their shoes and jumped in the surf.

Hanging Out

Kids just out from school ditched the books and jumped on.

After School Fun

I'll take this moment for a little video show off.

On the way home I got to meet my favorite kind of fellow commuter. People who ride with their children in the City get a bit more courtesy from drivers, sometimes, but we get a lot of criticism from people, too. It takes a lot of patience to be a successful kid hauler in an urban environment. So when I meet them, I like to make sure I give the parents props (although we usually can't figure out what the big deal is).

Fellow Family Commuters

With just the very limited improvements in infrastructure that San Francisco sees these days we have seen an increase in bicycle commuters. I really notice it when I have been off the bike for a few days.

We Are Traffic

Bicycle commuting can be a challenge, but it is just about always worth the effort. The things you see and experience make the day so much better.


  1. Just the other day I was thinking about my experiences riding bikes in the city, and the difference in bike traffic now versus four years ago are HUGE! So many more bicyclists, and so many more courteous riders. Love being part of this community.

  2. I was very pleasantly surprised to passed by three different cyclists on the block before my home. I am so used to being on my own but now there are people riding on my street all the time.

  3. That video just makes me happy!

  4. now I can't think of any better reason to live in California either. How wonderful to have beautiful ocean by the city. NY has rivers and Boston's harbor is crowded and not a beach.

  5. Emma- That much blue has that effect.

    MV- I don't think I would be happy away from the ocean. The Hudson is lovely, but it ain't the ocean.