Monday, March 8, 2010

Get A Little Bike Love In Your Soul

Meli took these pictures quite a while ago. I like them. I think they are a great way to start the week- a little bike love goes a long way : )

Get a little bike love in your week. Believe me, you will thank me for suggesting it : )


  1. Adrienne
    Sweet post.
    Affection RULES!
    Jon C.

  2. Very cool!

    My bride and I sharing a little bike love at the Seattle Tweed ride last month:

    Gettin' Around

  3. We love a bit of bike love - but be careful; I managed to push my Better Half off his bike attempting this manouveure whilst traversing an epic pot hole recently!

    Lovers beware! :o)

    Seriously, when did you last see two car drivers holding hands through their windows? Bicycles make our lives such lovely places to be - thanks for sharing these great pictures.

  4. this is pretty effin' cute. you guys rule. thanks for bringing smiles to this rainy sf day you guys.

  5. Had to show this sweet thing to my other - do I love esp the hands reaching in the first pic? or the contentment of catching hands in the second?

  6. Love & Peace are always tops!
    Great post!!

    Peace :)

  7. it was a great moment to capture :D

  8. Those pictures are absolutely beautiful, even from just those two shots I can feel that there is a story.

  9. Awwww, I love seeing bicycle hand holding! Don't know what is cuter, this or tandem couples. What do you think?

  10. Christa- as they are pictures of me and Hubby the Bike Man, I am partial to the hand holding (I think we would end up divorced if we tried to ride tandem : )

    Patty- there is 21 years of story there : )

    Mark- it is always best in love to know when to let go : )

    Thanks everyone!