Friday, February 8, 2013

friday fun times: sf (via nyc) video shoot

apologies for the quietness, but we've been hard at work over here in SF. just tryin' to make a livin'.

and in the spirit of that, a couple of days ago i happened to see there was a tweet laying for me to pick it up as the sun shone in my eyes begging me to wake up and face the day.

well, being that i don't appear very "EURO," whatever that means (i've heard rumors that my ancestors surely have heard of these european fellas), i decided i'd go to people watch whether they would have me or not. i mean i've got to be at least 5-30% european. so my lips show and tell me.

oh, and also the place for the open casting was very close to where i work 9 to 5.

and this is a little bit of what transpired yesterday afternoon. it was lovely to see ladyfleur and bike pretty and their gorgeous bikes as well!

this afternoon there's more open casting calls for people that have flexi time schedules per the tweetie bird above. and yes, bike snob, we do work, but some of us are lucky enough to be able to do our work from wherever the world we may be, only if it is connected to the matrix. having reasonable supervisors helps as well...

so now where did i put my music bike?


  1. oh el snob, wearing a beanie in SF weather? thought he was all nemo tough and stuff..

    1. well i think in europe it's probably colder than SF. blue beanies needed!