Saturday, February 9, 2013

ARTHURSDAY: the procrastination post

ARTHURSDAY arrives fashionably late, late like an art school student to a Friday morning* 'History of Typography' class.. :)
*morning class denotes noon...

"The history of the bicycle is peppered with curious and wide-spanning cultural resonance — from powering the emancipating (and subjugation) of women to reining in incredible design innovation to serving as a manifesto for the creative life" ...  
Cino Cinelli and the design (and logo!) of the Bicycle:
How Cinelli Revolutionized the Art and Design of the Bicycle by Maria Popova -via brainpickings


  1. Oh Keith H, I've missed you so much. The wall you painted in Collingwood has all but faded away. Better to burn out,hey?