Wednesday, October 17, 2012

sights and sounds from the south

birmingham, alabama

i went to birmingham, alabama recently and one of the first things i saw was a large billboard showcasing some bicycle marketing we've talked about here on the blog before. this time was advertising a bank.

they equated bicycles with efficiency. heh. i can dig it. also glad to see that bike marketing is permeating a city infrastructure which basically supports no bicycles. i'm not trying to be sarcastic either. maybe the marketing will seep through and begin to have some sort of influence on the city, or not, but gotta remain hopeful that change is coming. all over the US.

austin, texas

i also went to my hometown of austin, texas. bikes are everywhere there, and i can't help smiling when i see bikes all over the streets.

i went to austin city limits music festival again, and as i mentioned previously, they recommended pedal power to get to the festival. we definitely took advantage of their bike parking. and also got to see some great bikes.

the little blue cannondale is mine. got it as a christmas present last year. if anyone knows about this era of cannondales, please share! says it's made in the usa.

Listos! Lesssgo @prawnpie #aclfest

Lesssgo... Home. #aclfest #bikeparking

Done rollin', ready to rock. #aclfest #bikeparking

80s colors

i miss texas, and can't wait to get back for a non-working vacation sometime in the near future. had a great time, but it's time to head back to san francisco.


  1. Glad you enjoyed your visit back home!

    1. Thanks! Was both short and long at the same time. Don't think I got my fill of it...

  2. Come up to Ft Worth sometime. Things are getting better here. Not like Austin yet, but more & more bikes all the time.

    1. That's great to hear. I have some familia up there, and I recall it being highways and suv-landia. Think it is time for a visit!

  3. IGUANNA GO TO ATX againnnnnnnnnn
    and when i do, ill have a yellow bike y ill name it the QUESO con wheels <3

  4. Yes, Cannondales used to be made in the USA, but sadly no longer. I had four C-dales from that period, still have two of them, a mountain bike and a road bike. Love them both, but would no longer buy Cannondale. My info may be incorrect, but this is what I remember reading....bought up by a large international corporation based in Canada, outsourced to Asia, factories in the US small office still open to source parts and info for C-dales made in USA. That could even be closed now, I don't know. Sad demise of another homegrown company. Can we not wrk harder to support our own?

    1. that's unfortunate! i have to say i like the ride, and i appreciate that it's a nice fit for my short legs. i might change up the stem/handlebars, but i think the previous owner made it matchy-matchy. i could be wrong though. it's so cuuuute.

      thanks for the info anon!