Friday, October 12, 2012

friday fun times: tall bike edition

a bunch of people came into town to critical mass a couple of weeks ago. including people who came from mexico city on a TALL BIKE. not a touring bike, but a tall bike.

image from johnny payphone.

as i shake my head at wondering how hard this must have been to do, they were quite the sight to see all over town. have you seen how to mount those things? not to mention stopping.

if you are not familiar with a tall bike, it is a bike that constructed out of two (or more) frames stacked on top of another to have the "tall" look and feel of it.

here are a few that made it to ocean beach from whereabouts unknown. requesting donations to get them shipped back to those places...

tall bikes

tall bikes

am not sure about if they got help to go back home, so if anyone reading knows, we'd love to hear about the continuing adventures of those tall bikes.

am in austin, my lovely hot and humid hometown for the ACL festival. we will be using pedal power to get to the festival. duh. also can't wait to be riding my austin bike again! we both have older mountain bike frames that we have converted to be more commuter friendly, but we also want to ride some trails while we're here! hope we have time to do so!

have a great weekend everyone!

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