Wednesday, October 10, 2012

critical points of view...

i meant to put this up last week, but i had to attend to some family matters.

i wanted to share some pics i took of critical mass from a couple of fridays ago. you can be en masse with your bikey posse one second, and the next second lose all of them completely as the slow moving molasses mass moves around you like lava, hot and with determination.

also, critical mass was not just one day of celebration, but a week long event with something new each day. the last day was on sunday, a bittersweet day for me, which ended with a lovely bike ride to the beach to hear some music from musicians using the rock the bike sound system.

ade already spelled out a few reasons why she hopes not to need critical mass in a few years, and i happen to agree with her. so this will just be a picture post.


Why things gotta be so complicated? #nervous @chinstrap & @mikaela_carolyn

kiddical mass showed up!

Ready to ride! #sfcm20 #kiddicalmass

Ready to roll! #sfcm20 #kiddicalmass

Chopper baby. Vroom vroom. #sfcm20

what do you call a bikey marching band.

What do you call a bikey marching band? #sfcm20

you've got mail, chevron.

Dear Chevron, sorry I have a bicycle. #sfcm20

Mundo towing a public bike #sfcm20

sunday's closing event took place at ocean beach.

Bike pile y Mariano #sfcm20

volker locking bike piles

bikes in the sand

nio relaxing after pedaling

sunset. and life continuing on.

besos in the sunset.