Friday, July 27, 2012

friday fun times: test riding edition

test riding? what's a test ride? well, i volunteer for SF bike party and we have an ambitious desire to go up twin peaks with riders of all abilities and those heavy music bikes. so we were scouting the route for the gentlest way up one of SF's iconic hills.

these are some of the fotos i took yesterday while on the ride.

Bici familia. With @mikaela_carolyn
irresistible mural.

Upupupup. SF summer. #twinpeaks
upupup foggy twin peaks. notice all the bike signs? that means YOU CAN DO IT.

Top of twin peaks. #fog is summer in SF
summer in sf. san pancho fog machine. fog machine. fog masheen. alternate title: "fire, bike with me."

Team @sfbikeparty done test riding for the night! See you 8/3!
celebrating with deconstructed burritos at the end of the ride.

more riding on the table for saturday and sunday. not too crazy, as i'm supposed to be "tapering down." might not reach 500 miles in july, but i sure had fun riding as much as i can!

happy weekend everyone, and happy olympics!


  1. Part of a hill we were on at the weekend in prep for visiting SF. It was 690 feet of ascent in under 2 miles. This pic shows the easy bit - the hard part had too many twists and turns to get a photo that did the inclines any justice

  2. it really is hard photographing how steep a hill can be. but this one does look like a doozy!