Thursday, July 5, 2012


foto of a foto
Foto of a foto
Seen at the new terminal 2 /SFO, airports make my memory fuzzy +forgot the photographer's info, mi bad. Taken a couple of months ago.
But here are two more:

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In the midst of presidential election, actions and reactions of frustration/change/corruption/student uprising/media monopoly emotions, the stress is quite heavy. SO, this is a good visual palate cleanser, for now (each presidential term is 6yrs long, with no re-election).
The paseo de todos (ride for all) has taken off in a few cities throughout Mexico. Asides the D.F/Mexico City ride, I know of at least two other major cities that have gained a great momentum and popularity such as Guadalajara, Jal. and Tijuana, BC. Family friendly honors its name, for all.
Isn't this poster super vibrant? A big plus for us here at the blog (4women!) for representing a woman on wheels on their poster. If anyone knows the artista, please do tell.

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Beards and bikes
I had to share, thought the skinny man in this poster is funny.

Have a grand 4th of July week/end.
xxo♥ la meligrosa

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