Thursday, July 19, 2012

Arthursday: Last Friday, Every Month.

Just like photograph, great posters are worth more than a thousand words.
Just like the fortune cookie, San Francisco cracks open all kinds of treats and allows us to witness great things and movements. Critical Mass was born here 20 years ago.

Here is the latest 20th anniv. version by local artist, bike rider poster maker amigo, fellow art school alumni y cat lover: Hugh D'Andrade.
"This poster is by yours truly, Hugh D’Andrade. I tried to create a poster that would communicate some of the energy, excitement, complexity and diversity of Critical Mass." 

And below, more anniv.versions and great pieces by Jim Swanson +the amazing local woman artist y muralist Mona Caron.
Mona Caron

Jim Swanson
all images above from: 

Whether you live here in San Francisco or somewhere around the world, do you remember your first critical mass?
Share with us any memorable firsts, we will more than likely be writing/sharing and arthursdaying furthermore on this 2nd decade anniversary topic in the next few weeks. Feel free to send us links or fotos anytime [cylrab at gmail]
September is around the corner.

xxo♥ la meligrosa

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