Sunday, May 20, 2012

Your Weekend

Was it as good as Kevin's?

Ride Of The VG

Tell us about it! Send us your stories and pictures


  1. Well a week off the bike after falling off and injuring us both, so not much cycling. Nice lunch out with friends and chilling watching cartoons. My monday was great tho - took my bike to the shop & the repairs arent too expensive, then I got out on my road bike & killed a hill near my house no problem - riding around at sunset was just splendid. Collect my off roader tomorrow, so I'll be out eating up the dirt tracks after work woooo!

    Hey to you & Kevin - he certainly looks like he's enjoying that sunshine

  2. It had been two weeks since any real riding, for reasons that are less than awesome. So it was doubly pleasing to get back in the saddle on an amazing Saturday, and head to the bike shop to get some new toys before going to a friend's house to show him how to do some basic bike maintenance. Then we took a brilliant 40 mile ride out to a regional park and hung out for a while, enjoying the sunshine. Our ride was pretty relaxed, so when it was time for me to ride home from his place, I drilled it pretty hard, making a new record time door to door, and getting some good work out of my legs.

    In short, Saturday afternoon bike ride FTW.