Friday, May 4, 2012

friday fun times: a pair of schwinns

the other day was walking back from lunch and ran into this beauty.

1951 Schwinn

the owner was just leaving the post office, so i got to talk to him a little bit about his bike. they compliment each other very well, don't they?

Owner & his 1951 Schwinn

he told me it is a 1951 schwinn that he spent years restoring. looks like a lot of love and labor went into that bike, because she's a beauty!

1951 Schwinn

she has 95% original parts. including this 1930s-1950s era spring suspension.

1951 Schwinn

look at the detail on those handlebar grips!!

Restored 1951 Schwinn. Amazing #earlybird #schwinn

a generation later, in the 1970s, this 1972 schwinn was born.

1972 blue schwinn

not sure if original pedals, but they really do look cute and probably are same era.

1972 schwinn

she's new to my east bay homegirl. now it's time for us to go on some rides! congrats on finding the cute bike! basket and back rack: cargo bike.

1972 schwinn


  1. In 1951 I was 12 and I had never seen a bike such as this. I had seen a picture of one, I think, because it was permanently etched into my memory. At that time I had a early forties Hawthorne. It was the only bike I had in my youth. We were poor although I didn't know it as I had not yet connected money, of which we had very little, and poor. We never missed a meal so what did I know.
    To have a bike like this was the ultimate goal. Of course that changed, as everything does, as soon as motors came within my grasp.
    The Hawthorne was my only bike from about nine years old until I was 28.
    I ride the same model 1975 Schwinn as the 1972 pictured. I brought it back from the dead about 10 years ago and plan to use it until I go to the big bike path in the sky. I consider it my primary transportation.

  2. "not sure if original pedals"

    No, the originals were rubber blocks on the same body as the cruiser, but with a diamond pattern. The saddle, grips and thumb shifters are also new.

    The handlebars are not original, but they are period.

  3. the 1970s was a buy off of craigslist, nothing restored, to my knowledge. it looks like a (and sounds by oldfool's testimony) pretty comfortable ride. my friend loves it and was riding a bmx before as her primary transportation. she is happy with her upgrade.

    i hope to run into the other gentleman again and ask him more questions. i think he's local to the neighborhood where i work. the lookout begins! :)

  4. Wonderful post. Bicycles are just so romantic!

  5. thank you! and yah, they are. the gentleman had a wistful, far away look in his eyes when he was talking about his bike and how he fixed it up. he was quite proud.