Friday, May 18, 2012

friday fun times: where are you going this weekend?

Where are you going this weekend?

i'm currently in vegas en route to DC. on a total and complete whim i decided to apply for the first ever latina blogger conference. and....i got an email earlier this week saying i was accepted to go. we are going to go to the white house and hopefully (not set in stone at all...) MEET MICHELLE OBAMA! please go on over to LATISM (latinos in social media) to check out what they are doing and thank them for this amazing opportunity!

we've been tweeting up a storm. check out #topblogueras

and i cannot WAIT to try out DC bike share while i'm there! off to do some research (but only a little bit since i'm in VEGAS).

mwa. have a great one!



  1. High five the first lady for me! :)

    1. we didn't get to! boo, but that's ok, we met people that work with her, including those with the "let's move" initiative. how cool would it be to help out with the first lady's physical fitness program :)