Thursday, February 9, 2012

video of SF bike thief

people. how many times do we have to say lock up your bike with a ulock?! a few friends of mine had bikes jacked recently. and yes, they used a cable lock.

this video shows a guy cutting through a cable lock fairly quickly.

not long ago i was struck hard by the economy and using my bike was a good way to get around for cheap. i didn't really have $30 to spend on food, much less a bike lock. i justified it this way: buying a ulock is cheaper than getting a new bike.

do you think you are too poor to buy a lock? then check your local craigslist for ulocks. i took that route and ended up paying $20 for a lock i still use. that was 4 years ago. guy was moving out of town, never rode his bike thus didn't need his lock anymore either. i'm sure similar situations are still happening here in SF or wherever you live too.

obviously knowing how to lock up your bike is crucial too, no matter how many ulocks you carry with you. ulocks are not fail proof, but they certainly are great deterrents.

by the way, SF police are still looking for this guy. anyone with information is asked to contact Inspector Pomatto at (415) 558-5400 or by email at

via streetsblog sf


  1. We have some Bike Tea Leaf,s in Dublin too it is universal I am afraid. The best deterrent is the biggest and most expensive lock you can afford unfortunately, preferably two locks.

    I have several different types from Padlock and Chain to U Locks. The one I use mostly is a NY Fagetaboutit U Lock with a Cable to go through the Wheels because I have quick release Wheels on two of my bikes .

  2. i carry two ulocks with me at all times. how many is enough? :-D since this set up now for me is kind of heavy in the front part of my bike, i'd hesitate to use more. but you never know! heh.

  3. I can get buy with a cable to run in and out of Walgreens, but:

    I don't live in SF or NYC.
    I didn't buy it Walgreens. It's an armored Abus that cost . . . sixty bucks.
    I really need two because it's hardly longer than a u-lock, just a bit more versatile because it can flex.

    I wouldn't trust my bike to it if I worked at Walgreens. I'd want an Abus square link chain for that (as well as the u-lock), but I'm not sure how I'd afford it if I worked at Walgreens. They make u-locks look cheap.

  4. Whenever I see one of those silly cables on a bicycle I see a bicycle that someone doesn't care about. Although, they are hitting the u-locks hard in SF so I may be looking at a something new for the Bat.

  5. Adrienne, the square link chains are so tough that they cannot be cut even with the industrial equipment of a supplier.

    They actually have to be made to length, which is one of the things that makes them so expensive.

    Plus carrying them around bandolier style imparts a certain Euro urban warrior chic.

  6. If a person can purchase a bike then he can also purchase a U Lock or lock with ground anchors. Bike is a precious asset every one should take its care.

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