Friday, February 24, 2012

happy cumple to meeeee....

today is mah birfdae y'all. i normally don't really celebrate it cause geez that's a lot of candles, but a friend of mine asked me to do a joint birthday party with him. couldn't turn that down.

what are we going to do? why, go on a bike ride of course! weather is still freakishly warm here in february. tomorrow is supposed to cool down, but will be in mid-50s. still gorgeous riding weather.

i do believe pictures will be taken. and then shared.

happy friday to you all, especially the pisces among you. thanks for reading and have a great ride this weekend!

foto by prawnpie


  1. Birthdays are the most important holidays of all.
    You think you got candles? In 10 days at 0245 in the morning I will have completed 73 trips around our star. Now that's a lot of candles.


    PS: I have taken to celebrating my unbirthday as well.

  2. thanks KT!

    @OF: i guess am finally realizing that i don't mind getting older, so i might as well embrace the birthday celebrations too! <3

  3. @eltejano: muchiiiiisiamas gracias amigo! hope to see you in person again sometime soon.