Wednesday, February 8, 2012

three is the magic number

let's start off this wednesday with a game: what is wrong with this picture?

i apologize that not all of the clues are in the picture, but you can probably take a wild guess what is missing.

Three is the magic number.

three is the magic number. but only sometimes.

bonus points: if you are the owner of this bike, prove me & the big V wrong! <3


  1. 1) It's a Cannondale

    2) Rear Wheel not secured

    3) It's Still a Connondale

  2. 1. rear wheel isn't secure?
    2. chain is broken? or maybe it's just hanging, I can't tell
    3. no SA Spurs stickers

  3. @eltejano: RIGHT?! WHERE ARE THE SPURS STEEECKERS?!!?!? gospursssgo!

    good job everyone. it totally went unnoticed by lil ol' me at the time because i was just fixated on the fact that that person carries THREE u locks around. that would be really heavy i think. i carry two, and it's damn heavy. not two but THREE. sheesh.

    the seat was attached of my picture taking.

    @bike jax: what's w/ the cannondale? curious minds want to know.