Monday, January 9, 2012

Then & Now

We like to think we are creating something new here in the bicycle world.

But to to be honest, my Mom in 1954 looks an awful lot like my Mom in 2012.


Maybe we need to stop thinking about this so much and just get back to what we used to do.


  1. Oh Mom!!! Love the gloves!!! What kind of bike is that - is that a REAL Dutchie?

  2. Ain't that the truth. I Love this.

  3. Totally excellent. There really is Very Little New Under the Sun (VLNUS).

    It's also pretty cool that somebody in your Mom's generation is on a Blog. I could imagine her being very pleased at it.

  4. LceecL- indeed. She is pictured with my Batavus. Not many people have been given the opportunity to ride my prized possession, but she's my Mom so I gotta share : )

    Vanevar- this is not her first appearance on the blog. Pretty much everyone in my life knows they will be on the blog at one point or another.

  5. where was the childhood photo taken ? that doesn't look like SF