Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Just a few things I saw riding around this weekend.


From behind, La Ballena looks like any other bicycle.


While we were parked I noticed that the bicycles very much resemble their riders- long, skinny and carrying all the groceries or more than a little wide in the rear with a propensity to wear orange.

Blurry SFPD

SFPD monitoring a large right to life march. It was a pretty calm event, especially as the night before had been quite a bit more hectic with an Occupy SF protest. It isn't SF if there isn't someone protesting something every 24 hours. It is our secret industry after tourism.

Howl At The...

This, however, was the winner of the day. I love my City!!!

What did you see this weekend?


  1. I saw my brand new bicycle sitting in the garage as I shoveled the snow off the driveway.

    Well, okay. I used a snowblower. And the driveway is only 50 feet long.

    But the street wasn't safe for me OR my bike - being full of snowy slush and all.

    So it sat.

    It DOES look pretty, though.

  2. bicycles rule ! great blog you have.