Thursday, January 26, 2012


saw this lovely pairing the other night. i love the juxtaposition of these two objects. joined together in love of stickers via a lock.

#sfbp seen in the wild

in other news, someone stole my free SFMTA lock provided to me by the SFBC as part of their light up the night campaign. i was caught offguard one night when my basket xmas lights were not enough, and they pulled me over to provide a free light.

my rationale for leaving it on my handlebars is that it was free to me, so if someone wants it that bad, they can take it. and that finally happened, about 2 months later. oh well. at least i have more lights where that came from!


  1. I don't ride much at night, but when I do I Flash, Illuminate and Reflect. Because I don't want to Decorate.

  2. Riding a bike is a great place to compose poems. May i share a dippy little poem of mine?

    And Now For Something

    If I had written
    This poem earlier
    In the day or maybe
    While riding a bicycle
    It would have said
    Something different.

    I saw the blog and one of the things that happens to you as you get older as a poet is you've written about almost everything eventually. Including bicycles. Which I also recommend riding.