Saturday, February 26, 2011


The beauty of having a cargo bike is its utility in a variety of situations. We are all familiar with the "normal" situations where cargo hauling capability is good, but here are a couple of alternates.

The Sun Is In My Eyes Situation that turns into The Nap Situation.


The Kid Is Bored So Give Him Your Camera Situation

Mom's Right Hand Man

One should always carry a Swiss Army style bike for what life has to offer you!


  1. awwww sleepy head! You are going to have so much fun on that bike! :-)

  2. Yes Kristin you are right he is doing really very fun with bike....

  3. I love that shot! I cannot wait until my little nugget is out of my belly and riding along in my bike basket/cargo. You make me really look forward to cycling adventures with kids and a family, thanks, Adrienne!



  4. Ah, that is indeed traveling in style.

  5. I love the idea of a "swiss army style" bike : )

  6. KT- indeed we will!

    SB- I look forward to the pictures of your future adventures! Congratulations!

    SRAB- We try.

    V- I want one with a fold out set of utensils : )

  7. I think I. Saw an identical bike at My Dutch Bike Co when we were in San Fran. A couple of them were parked right out front. We just stood there staring in silence for a long time.