Friday, February 4, 2011

Blurry San Francisco

A great deal of what San Francisco has to offer is in this picture.

Everything SF

The SF experience can leave you seeing like this sometimes, too.


  1. Don't get technical on us there friend! After all, all of that oily fat from KFC can power our biodiesel future savers for a life time!

  2. Oh, I certainly understand what's being said, I've been promoting it for decades; since before Oil Crisis 1.0. Before that whole deal went down I had already been swimming with the Cousteaus and discussing Space Ship Earth with da man hisself. Being raised by Great Depression farmers I had a grasp of the cycle of life even before I understood it as the Carbon Cycle.

    Still, there is value in understanding and I think there is importance in really understanding that petroleum IS biofuel; that there is no essential difference between KFC Oil and Texas Oil to the extent that you even eat the Texas stuff.

    It might lead to asking some pertinent questions by the future savers.

    I don't know how much future I have left and it might be easy to descend into "Not my problem anymore," but I hold to the old fashioned idea of trying to leave a better future for my family.

    And who is my family? Life. Or, at the very least, aerobic life.