Monday, February 7, 2011


Should I ever be hit by a car I am fairly certain it will be either-

a) A car share car. The people who use them do not drive enough to be good at it and always seem to be on their cell phones because they are lost.

b) The Department of Public Works. They know they will never be fired for anything and think they own everything.

c) A taxi. Click on the picture for the back story.

Driving Tips For Taxi Drivers

This isn't to say I couldn't be hit by a bus or minivan or street sweeper, only that in my observation of vehicles that nearly hit me, these are the three types that stick out.


  1. it's old blokes behind the wheel ,wearing hats that I worry about!

  2. I worry about drivers texting while they drive, or route-finding; or arguing with the kids in the back.