Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hope For The Future

You know there will be a future for bicycling when you see children's bicycles lying about, waiting for their owners return. I saw a little piece of that hope on my way home the other night.

Hope On A Poll

Two kids bikes locked up to a parking meter with Mom's (?) mixte waiting for the morning to come. Two tiny bicycles being kept outside so they can be used the next day to get somewhere.

It isn't just me seeing this, either. Fellow bicycle lover, Ian, sent me this lovely sight in my email.

A child's bike locked up outside a local school long after the school day was done.

Bicycles. They are not just for playtime anymore!


  1. "Bicycles. They are not just for playtime anymore!"

    Yeah, by the time you've trudged home because you lost your key play time is over.

  2. Nice! The first photo certainly says a lot! Thanks.

  3. Love that first picture!

    FWIW I occasionally ride a blue Peugot mixte like that one (wish mine was red). With my two kids, mom never rode the bikes it was always dad for some reason.