Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Best of the Baiku!

Wow! Thanks to all who stopped by on the Yahuda Moon Alleycat! Your baikus were great and we all enjoyed reading them. Some, of course stood out from the crowd-

dcdouglas said...

cranks spinning fast
not watching while typing hard
fell and broke laptop

Alan from EcoVelo #5016

Clandestine bike race
At work but having some fun
Oops, there goes my boss.

New Girl #8706

I arrive in style
with a wave of the hand
and graceful dismount

This one made me laugh out loud.

Des #4970

Ride every day
Rain, cold, snow, wind, sun
My wife makes me

I will throw this one in because I have no clue what it says and I kinda like that.

Veloflanell said...#4023

Nej men ser man på

titta där under snöhögen

min cykelsadel

(in swedish)

We also received a lovely baiku in the original Japanese. Very classy!

Alleycat keely #4440

じでんしや きろい
と じでんしや しろい
together  すごい

ji-den-shya ki-roi
to ji-den-shya shi-ro-i
to-ge-ther su-goi

yellow bike
and white bike
together great

While there is no clear winner / loser in this little "contest", honorable mention will be awarded to Sean for not only referencing previous posts, but for also noticing that the Beastie Boys brought baiku to hiphop!

Sean #4911

my chrome is shining
just like an icycle low
rider bicycle

This designation will also be given for good use of the word "Nerdlinger".

#812 DK

No fixies or beers?
An alleycat...this isn't.
Nerdlingers unite!

To read them all, OR TO REGISTER YOUR ALLEYCAT VISIT, just visit the alleycat comments page! Keep 'em coming racers so we can pick the best next week!

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  1. these are awesome and gave me lots of laffs!

    btw, bicycle in Japanese is slightly different, like the haiku tho!
    bicycle: じてんしゃ ji-ten-sha