Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Further Adventures Of Declan

Today's installment of Declan's life on the back of a bike- harmonica playing! Declan has decided, for now, to be a "Blues Man". Today, I was serenaded whenever I got tired toiling up the hills. Not a bad way to ride along on errand day : ) I will try to be a better camera person, next time!


  1. beautiful music Declan! ;) MORE please. let us have more Declan music!

    ~i heart harmonicas!

  2. bob dylan had better watch out!

    this is way better than an ipod any day.

  3. I am off to Alabama with a Banjo on my Knee,Ive been to Louisiania my True Love for to see.

    It Rained so Hard The Day you left though the Sky it were Blue,O Susanah now dont you Cry for me.

    Or thats what it sounded like in Parts.Shaping up to be the Next Robert Zimmerman is Declan.

  4. I don't think I could play that well standing on my own two feet, let alone sitting on the back of a bike. What kind of music was that? It was AWESOME music!

  5. I have to agree with you all! He also spends a lot of time back there singing, which is also very entertaining.

    This is my favorite part of riding- being with the kids and seeing how they interpret utility riding.