Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back Seat Rider

My youngest son, Declan, spends a lot of time on the back of my bike. We go just about everywhere together and he is a wonderful riding companion. He loves to talk to the people we pass on the street. To keep things flowing well, I have to keep a few things with us that will keep him entertained, especially if he is tired. So on our last commute home from preschool, I gave Declan my camera to take pictures of things he saw along the way. He asked if we could put them "on the computer", and, of course, I said yes!

Mommy, can we take the bus one day?

I took a picture of your butt!

I did it again!!

When can we ride in the park?

Mud!! Ride in it, Mommy!

Go, Mommy! That car is winning!

Fire hydrant! Got it!

Look at me! Got you!

D-How come they parked there?
Me-Why wouldn't they?
D- Because that potty smells! (pointing at adjacent porto-john)
Me- Maybe they wanted to exercise on the bars.
D- They should just ride.

Are there alligators in the lake?

We caught the bus!


  1. How adorable! Thanks, Declan, for sharing your point-of-view with us. I need him to come take some pictures of my commute -- like you I'm too busy pedaling. ;-)

  2. It's really great to hear the comments to match the pictures. Are there alligators in the lake? :)

  3. brilliant kid. ^_^

    pictures are super awesome!!

  4. Those are AWESOME shots! I love his perspective on life.

  5. It is interesting to get a chance to actually see what he sees and get some idea of why it catches his eye.

  6. Where did you find that great jacket for him? My son has the Giro helmet with flames and, like Declan (as I see in the Flickr comments), likes to liven up our commute with a loud firetruck siren soundtrack. He'd love to have a jacket to go with his helmet.

  7. It is a raincoat I bought it in a toy store quite and have no idea what brand it is. They are pretty easy to find on the internet, though.

  8. These pics are HILARIOUS, GF! Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. ♥colossus and the alligators.