Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Bike Life

Sometimes, other people occupy the space you should really be in yourself.


  1. Nice Pleasant Relaxing Day,all they Need now is a Glass or two of Rosé Wine and a Tuna Salad Sandwich and two Fishing Rods and a Radio Blasting out a few Sounds, what Bliss C,est La Vie.

  2. I'll take the wine, the sandwich and the radio playing Mingus. Fishing... too much work! : )

  3. You had a terrific ride with a good friend. That is all that is necessary on a pleasant afternoon on the bike path in Santa Monica.

    I rode to the beach from my mid-town home yesterday, reaching the bike path you were on, just a little to the south.

    Los Angeles does have its charms for those who love to ride a bike.

  4. That path is really lovely to ride on! I love how you can just pull over and there you are on the beach. I bet it gets stupid busy some days!