Monday, August 10, 2009

Glove me so

Our year-round *summer* item here in San Francisco could easily be gloves (okay and scarves too). This week might be a little warmer, but at any given time, you turn your head away for a minute and bam! fog. I love the foggy summer, but other people have a hard time becoming fans of the gray summers. Sure we have some sunny days, but they come later in September-Oct. One thing that remains constant all year, is that it never hurts to pack with you an extra layer, your scarf and a pair of gloves. Your hands go from super sweaty to cold in a snap. If it is 80° at noon, it might be 55° at night. And you need a good grip to climb those hills.

one handed /Crane Bells & A Little Love by busbozo

Adrienne knitted this pair :)
qué crafty!

primary color panda

omar's hand


  1. Cool! I'd love to have such temperatures in the summer to be able to wear such neat gloves. Well, I guess I can still...

  2. Those are nice arm-warmers! It is hard to endure gloves in the summer here, but nonetheless I wear them when I ride with drop bars, or my hands turn to mush after long rides. Of the commonly available bike gloves, I like the ones with a crocheted top portion.

  3. Those gloves and arm warmers are so cute. The chilly mornings are what I remember most of my trip to Sonoma/Napa/San Fran (there was a lot of wine involved). Nice and refreshing to start the day out with crisp air.