Friday, August 14, 2009

Black & White Saturday

this post is for the most awesome couple ever on bikes.. it was a pleasure riding, shooting(taking pics) and meeting you, Adrienne and James. when are you guys coming back?! :D


  1. The woman on the right in the first photo looks incredible on her roadbike!

  2. We had a blast, too! I love meeting new, completely awesome people!

  3. I see that all the cool cats wear hats! including that crouching cutie (is he lighting a ciggie or fixing his camera?!... ;)

  4. lovely bicycle- she was rocking that roadbike :)

    Adrienne- I hope to see u guys again! bring Meligrosa along next time! ;)

    Meligrosa- crouching cutie wasn't doing neither. I think he was fascinated with his hands :D he was playing with it.