Sunday, August 2, 2009


I received this email from my husband the other day. While I embrace all cyclists, sometimes, we on two wheels are funny. We even, at times, tend to stereotype ourselves-

Saw it on the way to work this morning in West Portal and had to share......

What does the fashionable hipster wear to distinguish himself from all the other drones? "Hipsta pants" (TM)! That's what you get for combining hipster pants with gangsta pants. Yup! Skinny jeans with a waist band that's too big so the ass part (just the ass part) is falling down past your hips. I saw these on a man with a full Portlandized beard, matching Chrome bag, complete with iPod earbuds, while he was removing his "Celeste" colored, fixed Bianchi Pista with shorty riser bars off the bike rack of a bus!

I'm still laughing just writing about it. Does that make me a hater?

Ride on, everyone! First remember to pull up your pants!

addendum- Look here! Aaaack!