Sunday, August 2, 2009

La Biciglesia

A couple of years ago, when my husband still worked in Santa Cruz, he decided to build up a bike for me for Christmas. As he had nowhere to hide it here at home, he decided to use the space and communal tools of 'The Bike Church". I had never been there, until this weekend.

Like the "Bike Kitchen" in San Francisco, this place is busy! There were dozens of people fixing bikes, helping people fix bikes, looking for parts, asking questions, asking more questions.... Usually places that are this busy and crowded are not very pleasant, but everyone in the place was in a good mood and having fun.

There were parts hanging from the ceiling,

hanging from pegs,

stuffed into cubbies.

Not everything they have is perfect, though. At least they are honest : )

I found the right handlebars for my ratty old Raleigh mixte (more on that later).

I love that there are places like the "Bike Church". Neat, communal places were people can go to share their knowledge and time with those who need and appreciate it. That is my favorite part of the cycling community!

Share the love! Take your bike to church! Heck, take your bike everywhere!


  1. I love these places, and they really do have a "church-like" atmosphere, so I think the name is quite apt. The Fahrrad Selbsthilfe Werkstatt in Vienna has high ceilings and tall windows, with the light illuminating the bicycles just so, leaving the visitor with a feeling of near-spiritual awe.

  2. @Lovely Bicycle-What great pictures! That is a space I would be very happy to work in!

  3. Oh Adrienne, next time you're in Santa Cruz please let me know! I'd so love to meet up with you and share with some of my fav spots around here.

  4. Our arrival there was very spur of the moment, so I couldn't warn any of the people we know there we were coming : ( I want to come down again, soon! The photo ops are to die for! : )